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Hip prosthesis

Today, joints of the hip joint prosthesis are the most frequently applied joints. In cases of cartilage dehiscence (primary osteoarthritis) without a specific cuticle attachment in the hip joint, in cases of peri-hip tumors, fracture of the hip circumference, disruption of hip joint articular cartilage due to various reasons (sequelae of congenital anomalies, post-accidental hip arthritis, various inflammatory or rheumatic diseases , disconnection of the part of the thigh bone that attaches to the hip joint). Among these, the most common is osteoarthritis (75%).
The main complaints of patients when they consult the practice are pain. Other common complaints include shortening of the walking distance due to pain, restriction of hip movements (wearing shoes, socks, difficulty squatting), short legs, weakness in the thigh muscles.
In the pre-operation phase, the patient is evaluated by internal medicine and anesthesiologist. Besides, in case of necessity; physiotherapy specialist, nutrition and dietetics specialist, endocrinologist specialist and psychiatrist specialist see the patient before the surgery and participate in the post-operative follow-up.
Hip arthroplasty can be done with various techniques. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages. Carefully review the information given by your physician in this regard when making a decision.

Hip prosthesis techniques can be listed as follows:
* Total hip arthroplasty (replacement of the head and socket part of the hip joint):
Both parts are cemented, both parts are cementless, one side is cemented and the other side is non cemented (hybrid).
* Hip hemiarthroplasty (partial prosthesis placement of the hip joint): It is usually preferred after fractures. In addition, it is also preferred in younger patients (in order to keep the bone in the hip joint nesting weak and to preserve the bone reserve for future surgery). Just put a prosthesis on the thigh bone.
Can be made with or without cement. Also the head part can be fixed (unipolar) or the head part can be bipolar.
* Hip surface renewal (container arthroplasty): Only the surface of the thigh bone (femur) that attaches to the hip joint is changed. Bone is a preferred method in young people to protect the stomach.

-Doing on the floor or in low chair or cedar, throwing on the leg, it is wrong to use ala turkish toilets.
- It is necessary to put a pillow between the legs while lying on the back for about 8 weeks.
-You are putting a pillow on your legs when you are lying on your hips. You do not sleep on your non-operated hip until 8 weeks after surgery. We need to go back to the operated hip on the way back in bed.
-When you go out on the stairs, you should take your sturdy pants before you go down the stairs.
- Make your pillow in the chair.
-Don't go to cattle.
- Do not be heavy, do not do heavy work.
-Don't sit down with a contemporary.

Last update: 17 Jan 2024

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